Application of Screening Bucket in Compost and Earthwork
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Application of Screening Bucket in Compost and Earthwork

The Yichen screening bucket series is characterized by its ease of use and high productivity even on wet soils. It can also be applied to skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and wheel loaders. It finds applications in various sectors, from recycling to the selection of aggregates in demolition or excavation works, to soil screening; also used in the field of cultivation for mixing, reclaiming land, for screening peat and for covering ducts, and again for crushing timber and twigs as well as for composting and plasterboard. ——Application of Screening Bucket in Compost and Earthwork

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Composting is a biochemical process that uses bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and other microorganisms widely distributed in nature to control the transformation of biodegradable organic matter into stable humus under certain artificial conditions. Its essence is a fermentation process. In order to accelerate the decomposition, different materials should be treated before stacking. The screening bucket participates in the work and plays a role at this stage.

(1) Municipal waste shall be sorted, and the screening bucket shall be used to remove broken glass, stones, tiles, plastics and other sundries

(2) Various materials need to be broken by screening bucket to increase the contact area, which is conducive to decomposition

After the raw materials are processed, the composting raw materials need to be fully mixed. At this time, the mixing function of the screening bucket also needs to be used. The operator operates the screening bucket to shovel the raw materials into the bucket, fully vibrate and then output them through the roller. At this time, the composting raw materials have reached the qualified composting standard.


Earthwork is the general term of earthwork and stonework, that is, earth and stone. The main function of screening bucket is screening and crushing. It is an excellent output tool for earthwork and stonework. Common earthwork works include site leveling, foundation pit and pipe trench excavation, subgrade excavation, civil air defense engineering excavation, floor filling, subgrade filling and foundation pit backfilling. Taking site leveling as an example, the soil and stone on the surface of the site shall be excavated first, and then screened. The soil can be directly used for landfill and overburden, and the stones need to be further broken to form small gravel blocks before backfilling. This operation is extremely simple for the screening bucket. Screening and crushing are in place in one step, simplifying the difficulty of earthwork engineering.

——Application of Screening Bucket in Compost and Earthwork

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