Auger Drive 50000N for 20-36t Excavator
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Auger Drive 50000N for 20-36t Excavator

Yichen® Auger Drive 50000N for 20-36t Excavator. Using only the highest quality material has resulted in an extremely efficient cutting head design and optimum flight pitches to provide maximum soil removal in all ground conditions.


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Product Description

    Product Introduction

    Over 20 years of auger design and manufacturing experience, YICHEN can provide you with a custom auger solution for any drilling application. The Auger Drive 50000N for 20-36t Excavator can provide up to 50000 Nm torque force. It weights 270 kgs. YICHEN is a professional excavator attachment manufacturer and has been committed to providing customers with highest quality and extremely efficient excavator attachment products. In addition, we also provide the services of product training, installation instruction, application consulting and product customization.

    Product Parameter (Specification)

    YA50000 Auger Drive
    Item Parameters
    Excavator 20-36 ton
    Output Torque 30000-50000 nm
    Pressure 220-350 bar
    Oil Flow 100-300 lpm
    Output Shaft Speed 0-15 rpm
    Weight 260 kgs
    Overall Length 1158 mm
    Hydraulic Hose 1” , 1-1/4” BSP
    Output Shaft Size 120mm square
    Auger and Extensions
    Diameter(mm) Drilling Depth(m)
    Soft Medium Hard
    450 12 11 8
    500 12 11 8
    550 11 10 7
    600 11 10 7
    650 11 10 7
    700 11 10 9
    800 9 7 6
    900 9 7 6
    1000 8 6 5
    1100 8 6 5
    1200 7 5 5
    1500 6 5 4

    Product Applications

    Garden construction: drilling operations of tree planting, fence piling and landscaping etc.
    Civil construction: drilling operations for road signs, poles, foundation piles etc.
    Engineering construction: drilling operations of well drilling, spiral pile installation, rod and mast installation, etc.
    New energy construction: solar energy equipment installation, wind turbine installation and other operations.






Product Feature

Yichen® Auger Drive 50000N for 20-36t Excavator has high quality hydraulic motor output bearings, 50% more efficient than other brands of Auger Drive.
Using high quality materials ensures a longer, more reliable life of the auger.
The unique design prevents the shaft from falling off, creating a safer working environment.
YICHEN Auger Drive has a variety of specifications, with a wide range of adaptability. Users can choose to use according to different operating environments.
Accurate drilling, turning and positioning, reliable and efficient design, low labor intensity.
The electric, hydraulic, control and monitoring instruments of the whole machine are concentrated in the cab, which is friendly to operator.

Product Qualification

The YA50000 Auger Drive is in compliance of CE certification.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Wood case packed shipping. We provide equipment Installation guide and user training. We also provide spare parts and product customization services.


1.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are the manufacturer.Visit Our Company Online

2.Can you can design the YA50000 Auger Drive according to our size?
Yes, we can customize the dimensions of our equipment to fit your excavator.

3.Do you have detailed and professional installation manual of the YA50000 Auger Drive?
Yes, we have.

4.What is your MOQ of the YA50000 Auger Drive?
The MOQ is 1 unit.

5.How long is your delivery time?
Usually, we have available product in our stock. So we can ship product once the customer ordered. If the purchased quantity exceeds the inventory, we will determine the delivery time according to the product type, production quantity as well as the delivery address.

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