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Coal Processing

The screening and crushing function of the screening bucket can realize coal processing well. First of all, the screening bucket can remove impurities in the coal, retain the pure coal, and ensure the quality of the coal. Secondly, the screening bucket can break the coal coal lumps of different sizes into small and uniform particles.

Yichen Company not only produces screening buckets, but also other excavator attachments such as power mixers, drum cutters, augers and so on. Manufactured from high-quality steel, these devices are solidly constructed, of excellent quality and have a long service life.
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Coal Is Treated with A Screening Bucket

Coal Is Treated with A Screening Bucket

Modern coal mining mostly uses drum cutter. Although the mined coal mines are small, they still need follow-up treatment. Only when the coal is crushed into very fine particles can it be convenient for subsequent processing, such as making coal cake. Coal is treated with a screening bucket after being milled.

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