Foundation Pile Driving by Auger
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Foundation Pile Driving by Auger

Yichen augers and auger drives can fit excavators and skid steer loaders from 1.5 to 40 tons, the diameter range of the auger is 150mm~2000mm. We provide different auger pilot and teeth to meet different earth conditions from soft soil to rock. We also provide helical anchor. Foundation pile driving by auger is very popular in rural areas of Yunnan. Yichen has a variety of customized augers to help the construction of farm houses.

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As we all know, when building a building, it is necessary to drive piles on the foundation. Most of the traditional piling methods are hammering methods, which have very slow piling efficiency and are only suitable for soft plastic or plastic cohesive soil layers, which do not have wide applicability. Foundation Pile Driving by Auger is simpler and more efficient.

Compared with the hammering method, the screw drilling method does not need to pre-cast the foundation piles, but drills holes first, and then pours the reinforced concrete piles. Such operations can reduce construction difficulty, save construction costs, and reduce noise pollution caused by construction.
At the same time, the use of Yichen auger rigs has greater flexibility. According to the building area, building height, soil quality and other factors, suitable types of auger rigs, drill pipes and extension rods can be selected for operation to maximize the operation .effectiveness.

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