Remediation of Contaminated Soil
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Remediation of Contaminated Soil

Yichen is a soil stabilization system supplier. Yichen soil solidification system can repair soft soil such as silt and slush into a solid foundation that can support heavy construction vehicles. The working depth can reach to 10 meters underground. Remediation of contaminated soil is one of the core functions of the system. It also used in contaminated soil remediation and acid-base neutralization.

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The site remediation project for the temporary sludge storage site in Mazhuang Village, Xinji City is an excellent case of soil stabilization system remediation of contaminated soil. And now, more than 60 mu of polluted land has been fully restored, and the restoration effect assessment has been completed. For Mazhuang Village, this piece of muddy land not only causes the land in this area to be idle and cannot generate economic benefits, but also seriously pollutes the surrounding environment.

The future use of the land is for agricultural planting, so the primary goal is to remediate sludge and restore soil activity to meet planting standards. After the idea is determined, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate construction equipment. After horizontally comparing the existing sludge remediation equipment on the market, the construction party chose Yichen t and the soil solidification system.

A total of 1 set of soil solidification system and 2 power mixers are used in the entire restoration project. Power mixers of 5 meters and 4 meters are selected, and 2 meters and 3 meters of extension rods are customized. The maximum curing depth reaches 7 meters, and the total construction volume reaches 300,000 cubic meters. . After several months of construction, the Xinji Mazhuang Sludge Temporary Storage Site has finally taken on a new look.

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