Tunnel Rock Cutting by Rock Saw
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Tunnel Rock Cutting by Rock Saw

Yichen Rock Saw is a hydraulic saw attachment to be used on bulk and detailed excavations. Ideal for cutting any type of rock at great speed. If fitted with special blades can also cut reinforced concrete and timber. The single blade rock saw and double blade rock saw series cover the whole range of excavators from 8 to 45 tons. Tunnel Rock Cutting by Rock Saw, this construction method is affirmed by the industry. Since its establishment in 2002, Yichen has been aiming to become the industry-leading supplier of rock saws.

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Tunnel construction has always been the peak of construction projects, and construction is difficult. In addition to blasting, modern tunnel construction has opened up a new way of excavation. With the help of new equipment, it is a rock saw.

During tunnelling, very hard rock faces are sometimes encountered. Due to the extremely high hardness, the use of milling machines can no longer meet the operating requirements, so rock saws are selected for cutting. Tunnel Rock Cutting by Rock Saw is a way to deal with hard palm surfaces. The rock saw is made of synthetic diamond material, which is good enough for hard rock. The method and depth of sawing need to be explored according to the specific conditions of the rock to determine the construction plan.

The specific construction method is to use a rock saw to cut two slits at an interval of 5 cm on the face of the face, the depth of the slit is about 50-100 cm, and the middle is broken. Two rows of holes were punched for hydraulic cracking. In this way, it goes on and on, cutting and crushing continuously, and it can reach a depth of 4-5 meters a day. The effect is remarkable, which greatly improves the efficiency of tunnel excavation.

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